Jimmy's lost his toilet paper

Jimmy's lost his toilet paper 1.0.1

Follow the toilet roll...


  • Gentle difficulty curve
  • Original idea


  • Horrible soundtrack!

Very good

Jimmy's lost his toilet paper is an unusual, but engaging physics based puzzle game. Take control of Jimmy who has to follow the toilet paper trail through a series of screens to get to the runaway roll. On the way, according to its creator, Jimmy will find love and meaning to his life! This game is by same developer that brought us Crayon Physics, and it shows in its inventiveness

Generally, this involves untangling the toilet paper from obstacles in each room, by collecting it up, dragging objects, and jumping over and under platforms until the room is clear and Jimmy can reach the exit with paper intact. Puzzles get progressively harder, as more ideas are brought into each room, but a bit of thought will get you through them all and it never feels impossible.

The keyboard controls are really simple, and introduced in game which is a nice touch. Jimmy slides around a bit, making him a little awkward to maneuver sometimes, but you don't notice this too much as the puzzles are fun to solve. What isn't so fun is the short, repeating Deliverance style country track, which gets annoying after a couple of listens. There are no sound effects though, so you can just switch off the sound.

Jimmy's lost his toilet paper is a fun casual puzzle game, with simple but pleasant graphics and a suitably ridiculous premise

Jimmy's lost his toilet paper


Jimmy's lost his toilet paper 1.0.1

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